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New Construction and Geothermal
Efficient & Environment-Friendly HVAC Systems

Geothermal HVAC is central heating and cooling that extracts energy stored in the ground. This is the most eco-friendly HVAC system available. Geothermal can give you both the comfort and convenience you want from HVAC with much lower operating costs. Explore geothermal with us!


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Why Should You Get Geothermal HVAC

Going geothermal has lots of benefits, including comfort, efficiency, and lower operating costs. If you are building a new home, consider the geothermal HVAC option.

Going Net Zero?

Geothermal is a Sustainable HVAC choice! Save on utility bills and enjoy comfort with this option. 

Energy Efficiency

Geothermal is a high-efficiency option designed to achieve energy savings while offering comfort!

Longer Lifecycle

The average age for a split HVAC system is 15-22 years. Annual maintenance is essential to achieve these lifespans.

Lower Operating Costs

Geothermal units are designed to use one system for heat and cool, lending to lower maintenance costs and improving efficiency! 


You have options! Geothermal is a fantastic alternative to traditional HVAC split systems. Inquire to see if Geothermal is right for you! 

Federal Tax Credits

You can save money on replacement or new installation by taking advantage of current federal tax credits! Ask for more information. 

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Geothermal Heating & Air Conditioning Services in Omaha, NE

If you are thinking about making your home more eco-friendly, safe, and energy-efficient, get in touch with us. Our comfort consultants will run you through all the options that you can consider. Go geothermal with us.